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From the palace of: The Mortgage Wizard
Date: Tuesday, June 20, 2006
Subject: Your Mortgage Rip-Off!

ear mortgage shopper,

If you’re looking to purchase a mortgage right now, chances are very good that the lender you eventually TRUST to SELL you a mortgage will overcharge you for extra fees, points and interest.

If you want to avoid being ripped off, save money, time and the aggravation from shopping rates with a bunch of lenders, yet still EASILY get the lowest interest rate and fees, then read this letter. It will provide you with an opportunity for the largest coupon available towards your next loan purchase.

FACT: More than likely you will overpay on your next loan, possibly by as much as $45,000 or more!

Just think about that…

Regardless of what type of borrower you are, good credit or bad, first or fifteenth mortgage … whether you are a making a purchase or simply refinancing...this information applies to you, and it's downright shocking!

So shocking that it’s been determined that more than 90% of all borrowers pay much more money on financing their home than necessary. The sad part is that virtually every borrower is unaware to the “thievery” that’s going on right before their very eyes! That’s because at the very least it’s standard procedure for banks and mortgage brokers all over this country to attach hidden fees to every loan sold.

Yes … hidden fees. Money you’ll pay out of your pocket and not even know it. And one hidden fee alone costs borrowers over 16,000,000,000 dollars each and every year (yes, that’s 16 billion)!

In addition to this fee, borrowers pay many more fees by falling into “lender traps” like hungry mice fall into cheese traps.

What Makes Almost Every Borrower Fall Into “Lender Traps” Only To Be “Robbed”
By Their Lender For Thousands Extra?

It’s very simple. You, like many borrowers have learned or will learn the mortgage process incorrectly from one of two sources.

You either learn the “ropes” from friends that have no clue they overpaid for their mortgage, or you receive your first-time guidance from a loan provider. But it’s this same provider giving YOU advice that’s actually the culprit when it comes to taking more of your money. So the advice your lender gives you is designed to simply part you from more of your hard-earned money.

The sad fact is if you don’t know what you’re doing, you will hand over ALL of your bargaining power to your loan provider. And this is an open invitation for loan providers to take advantage of certain loopholes left open by you. Loopholes that allow them to take UNEARNED MONIES from your loan. And you’ll never even know you’ve been duped unless you understand the simple information I want to teach you.


The 3 Biggest Reasons Why So Many Are Overcharged When Taking Out A Mortgage.

Borrowers rely on a salesperson’s (loan providers) word.

The sale is long, drawn out and extended … wearing you down and providing multiple opportunities at different stages for the loan provider to “stuff” your loan.

Borrowers lack the necessary knowledge and skills to shop, lock and close their loan -TO THEIR ADVANTAGE!!


Paying too much for a mortgage can be embarrassing. I hate being labeled a “sucker”. But if your loan provider can take a lot of your money without you even knowing it, then that’s what they might think you are – a big sucker.

Here's why:

Most Borrowers Don’t Have A Clue On How To Shop For A Mortgage

A typical borrower will shop for a mortgage in one or more of the following ways:
[check each for end result]

You seek out a trusted name like your local bank or savings institution.

You will pay more for this belief in trust!

You get a referral from a friend.

Your friend paid too much and so will you!

You respond to advertisements in the newspaper, radio or television.

You will receive inaccurate "teaser" rates.  You will also pay for their expensive marketing with an expensive mortgage!

You call a few lenders and ask their rate and terms.

Almost everyone shops for a mortgage this way.  Since rates change daily, the lender with the lowest rate today may not have the lowest rate a week later. In an effort to be chosen, lenders will also offer “lowball” quotes they know can’t be honored.  You will pay dearly!

You fill out a form online hopefully making “lenders compete for your business.”

This is hands down the absolute worst way to start your home loan search.  Many indiscriminate lenders buy the data you provide online from lead brokers and then proceed to blow out your phone and harass you with sales pitch after sales pitch!

Sound familiar?

Almost every borrower will begin the process for their home loan through one of the ways above. And after the initial contact and inquiry has been made, borrowers will spend a couple of weeks gathering and comparing lender information before they choose what they think are the lowest rate and best terms. Unfortunately, if you want to acquire the best deal on your loan, every single one or combination of these shopping methods is DEAD WRONG!!!

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You need to know the answer to these 6 important questions to make sure you're not getting robbed blind by your loan provider!

Don't Risk Paying Too Much
On Your Next Loan!

Instead ... Get This Free Report And Find Out If You're In The 90 Percentile of Those That Will Pay Way Too Much On Their Home Loan!

Get your free report -- it takes just takes seconds, and can easily help you save $5,000 ... $10,000 ... even $20,000 or more on your next home mortgage loan. This report will open your eyes, and make sure you're not "played for a fool" while shopping your next loan. And again, it's completely free.

All I ask it that you invest the time to find out if you can answer these 6 questions that will save you thousands of dollars. If you can -- great! But if not, it's something you must know.

Simply click here and "Submit"

Your free report will instantly be delivered to your email inbox so you can read it immediately. Do it right now -- and get on track to saving thousands on your next home mortgage!


What Kind Of Mistakes Will You Make
That Will Cost You Thousands?

If you’re like most borrowers, you might run into one of the following problems that can cost you thousands of dollars:

  • Choosing the wrong type of loan provider to fund your loan.
  • Not asking your loan provider the right types of questions concerning the terms of the loan.
  • Unsure of the appropriate steps to purchase a loan, much less the correct order of them to proceed in the loan process that will give you the needed leverage to get the best interest rate and deal on your home loan.


Don’t Think It Will Happen To You?
Think Again…

As I said earlier more than 90% of people getting a mortgage loan will pay way too much.

Why such a high percentage?

Because most borrowers don’t know how to get the bottom line price without hidden fees.  And sadly, most people don’t even know they’re paying an extra $15,000 or more on their loan.

So if you’re thinking this can’t happen to you – if you truly believe you can’t lose tens of thousands by being overcharged – then what puts you in the 10 percentile of people that understand the inner-workings of the mortgage loan process and are able to get a fair deal every time?

If you don’t know the answer … if you don’t know for certain every single trick lenders use to get more money out of your bank account, then you must give me your full attention so I can save you thousands of dollars and let you keep your dignity when shopping a loan.

In fact, let’s see how “up to speed” you are and how likely you are to be “taken” when you go after your next mortgage loan. I created a free report that asks 6 questions that you MUST be able to answer if you want to make sure you don’t overpay. You can get this completely free report by clicking here and sending me an email. I’ll rush it out to you immediately.

As Seen in:


I cannot thank you enough for the information I learned from Mortgage Wizdom. I never realized how crook-ed loan officers really are. They're worse than used car salesman.

This was my first loan purchase and I was happy with confidence and my lender was really impressed with my mortgage understanding. Most of my first lenders I spoke with knew they were not going to take a lot of money from me, but you helped me find an honest lender anyway. Thanks, the information I learned is worth lots”

- C. Alvarez, St. Thomas, PA

Loan Providers Will Try To Drain You For
As Much Money As Possible…
If You Let Them!

They make their money based on three NEGOTIABLE things:

  1. The rate and terms they can get you to pay
  2. The amount of money you borrow
  3. The amount of unnecessary and overpriced fees they can get you to pay

Understand that your loan provider is a commissioned salesperson with a goal to sell you a loan for as much as possible!! The more they can make you pay, the higher commission they earn!

Now as a borrower you must recognize that the mortgage industry is EXTREMELY competitive and profitable. Everywhere you look on the internet you are bombarded with mortgage advertising. With lenders literally doing back flips to find and earn your business – and with interest rates on the rise -- the industry is shaking out a lot of the weak players. So everyone wants and everyone NEEDS YOUR business. So the borrower actually holds all the leverage.

Most borrowers are unaware of this. But if they are aware, they don’t know how to bargain with their lender to get the best deal. So the borrower is already at a disadvantage.

The Home Loan Process
Stacks The Odds Against You!

Taking out a home loan can be a lot like gambling…

Most gamblers are destined to lose upon entering the casino unless they have some knowledge, a plan, a strategy, or a method that gives them an edge against the house.

It’s the same with borrowing for a mortgage.

Unless you possess certain strategies and knowledge, chances are very great – unless you’re really lucky – that you will be scammed, tricked or ripped off on your next home loan purchase. And this little “mistake” could end up costing you thousands over and above what you should really be paying.

But there is a big difference between gamblers and those shopping for a loan. You see, a gambler walks out of the casino knowing exactly how much they’ve just lost. But as a borrower, most are unaware that they have just sustained a massive loss. And if they are aware, they have no idea how much they just lost (unnecessarily paid) on their mortgage purchase, or how much they stand to potentially lose or pay out in the future in unnecessary added on interest.

Like many gamblers, most borrowers don’t have a plan and or they don’t completely understand the rules of the game. So the edge in the home loan arena will go to the lender who will beat the borrower every time!

Do you want to gamble with your next mortgage or would you rather come out an easy winner over your loan provider?


Preparation and planning is essential to
get ahead in any endeavor.
Buying a mortgage is no different.


But Now, I'm Blowing The Lid Off The Mortgage Industry's "Code Of Silence" To Give You The "Edge" On Your Next Mortgage - The Easy Way!

I'm going to take you by the hand and teach you a new, simple to use and learn step-by-step method on how to shop, lock and close your next mortgage with the ABSOLUTE LOWEST interest rate, points and fees no matter the type of loan for which you're shopping.

Now, that may sound somewhat unbelievable and you may be a little skeptical. That's understandable. So let me provide you with four great reasons to back up what I claim:


Here’s Why You Should Listen To What I Have To Say…

REASON #1: I got into the financial arena specifically to help people... not to take advantage of them. I’m an individual who has made an effort to help people save money in the field of debt, credit and foreclosure mitigation. I am always on the lookout for ways to help educate consumers through knowledge and negotiation.

As I directed my efforts to research and investigate the mortgage industry I came across information that left me in complete and utter shock!

I found that the abuses in this industry are tremendous and virtually unknown to outsiders. So, with the help of some mortgage industry professionals, I created a foolproof method that turns the tables on lenders and shifts the advantage to you, the borrower. This method ensures that every borrower is not only treated fairly, but also allows them to get the absolute lowest rate possible as well as a fair deal on their next home loan.

REASON #2: The knowledge and techniques you will learn come straight from well seasoned professionals in the mortgage business. Those who currently make their living doing the very same things I teach you to avoid.

You get their combined 42 years experience and know-how from many of their past transactions on their unsuspecting borrowers. By making this information available to you, you will understand the mortgage process and hopefully if enough people learn this “game” it may make a difference in how the industry operates.

REASON #3: Education is essential. By learning and understanding the process you gain the confidence to challenge and negotiate with your lender as this program will instill a pit bull shoppers attitude. It makes no difference what type of borrower you are or what type of loan you get. The information is applicable to all. And you don’t have to be a born negotiator to use this information either. I make it easy for you to negotiate the correct prices on your next loan.

REASON #4: I currently negotiate and settle at least 2 to 3 credit card accounts on a daily basis.  If I can negotiate with a creditor to accept LESS THAN 1/2 OF WHAT IS LEGALLY OWED TO THEM AS PAYMENT IN FULL, surely I can help you negotiate upfront the best deal on your next home loan!

Good negotiation involves much more than each party naming their price. 

  • Understanding the mechanics of whatever sales process is at hand.
  • Finding out ultimately what the other side truly wants.  Believe it or not, it’s not always JUST price, although price is a very large and important factor.
  • Structuring your deal and negotiation in a methodical and precise order that is advantageous (in this instance) to you THE BUYER (and sometimes the selling party also).

The Guaranteed Way To Save BIG Money
On Your Next Home Loan!

Because of the high chance that you will personally pay $5,000 … $10,000 … even $15,000 or more above what you should, it’s very important that you learn the secrets revealed in my just released mortgage shopping program –

Introducting a New Revolutionary Strategy for Home Loan Shopping:

Mortgage Wizdom is the only manual in the world today that reveals for the first time all the abuses which plague the mortgage industry and allow loan providers to strip money from their clients. It delivers a step-by-step method (click to view) to stop the lender manipulation and put you back in control of the entire mortgage process.

You may think your rate and fees are defined, guaranteed, maybe even “LOCKED” at application time, but I show you how your loan provider will intentionally NOT lock your rate so they can make an additional $2,500-$10,000 off your loan!

Without Mortgage Wizdom, you'd never find it...much less have an opportunity to eliminate it. Not having this unique insider information could end up costing you $10,000, $20,000, even $50,000 over the life of your loan.

In a nutshell, this unique method eliminates any incentive or ability for a lender to overcharge you or be deceptive at any stage of the loan process. Once you have eliminated these two important elements, there is no possible way to not get the lowest interest rate or get overcharged -- guaranteed!!!

“How can this be,” you ask? “Everyone has an incentive, to make more money,” you say? The answer lies in the way you structure your agreement with your loan provider early on in the mortgage process. MortgageWizdom shows you exactly how to do this!


“You were right, there is no doubt that I got the lowest rate because I saw the proof. Your approach to getting a loan is very interesting and different than what most do to get a loan. I never thought about going about it in this way. Initially, I didn’t have to ask about rates until after I chose my lender. By learning how mortgages work and where the money is made you really can eliminate extra money going into the bank’s pocket. I learned a great deal with this course and it can only help anyone else looking for a mortgage.”

- J. Height, South Holland, IL


Use This Mortage Calculator To Determine Your MINIMUM Savings On The Interest Rate And Fees!

Typical Borrower
MortgageWize Borrower
Enter Amount Of Your Next Mortage:  $  
Enter Bank's
Interest Rate:
Your Rate Using
Mortgage Wizdom:
Monthly Payment:
Monthly Payment:
Monthly Savings:
Yearly Payment:
Yearly Payment:
Yearly Savings:
Total Payout
Over 30 Years:
Total Payout
Over 30 Years:
 Will Pay 17% Higher Fees 
Minimum Savings On Points And Fees:
Total Amount Of
Money Saved

Using Mortgage Wizdom:

Your Investment Return
In Mortgage Wizdom
Based On Your Savings:

Your Financial Risk
To Save Money

Using Mortgage Wizdom:

The numbers in this calculator reflect the average overcharge or savings per loan. If you are a subprime (bad credit) borrower your savings will be much greater. The reason? Banks know subprime borrowers are just happy to be approved, are often less educated and really don’t question much of anything. So they take advantage of their ignorance
and make them pay a lot more for their loan.


The Mortgage Process Is
Designed To Place You At A Disadvantage!

Listen, mortgage loans are probably second to none the most complex and confusing transaction a consumer will ever encounter. Yet even in this age of high tech many borrowers don’t seem to care or know how to prepare themselves properly.

Perhaps you also feel that you really don’t need this information, or maybe you feel as though it may be a waste of your time. Maybe you have already bought several mortgages and BELIEVE you know the process all too well.

Before you dismiss this method as a waste of time or some sort of gimmick, please take a moment and get my FREE report , where you'll find out just how big a chance you have of paying way too much on your next loan.


Knowledge is power and the lack of it, or what you don't know, WILL hurt you when buying any negotiable product or service.


Here Are Just Some Of The Excellent Benefits You Will Gain With This Breakthrough Mortgage Method:

Find out how to get the lowest possible interest rate availible!!

Mortgage Wizdom will teach you a non-conventional approach to landing the best rate and is guaranteed to save you big money!

Learn “Insider Secrets” on how Mortgage Lenders manipulate their rate quotes to Siphon thousands of additional dollars on every loan they fund!

Every loan has at least one hidden fee attached to it. It’s the source of an additional 16,000,000,000 (that’s billion) in profits the banking industry “steals” from borrowers every year. I will show you how to eliminate this overcharge or show you how to find a loan originator who never charges it…unless you like giving all your money to the bank.

Learn about the “PB” profile and find out when is it fair to pay more for your loan than the next borrower?

You will find out if you fit this profile and if you do I’ll show you how to use it to maximize it to your advantage so that you don’t subsidize the cost of someone else’s loan?

Learn the real scoop on "no-fee/zero cost/low fee loans."

These loans are not for everyone. In fact, they are terrible loans as a whole. You will learn when it becomes beneficial for you to take out one of these types of loans, and when you should stay away from them like the plague!

Learn which type of loan provider you should seek to fund your loan.

I will show you which one of the 3 major loan providers you should ONLY seek to fund your loan. Then I will zero in even farther on the particular type of major loan providers that should be chosen. This gives you the advantage, and helps you save money! Simply choosing the correct MAJOR loan provider will yield absolutely no advantage and will put you in an even GREATER DISADVANTAGE than the other two providers! There’s a certain type or subset of loan provider within that’s most important.

How to use APR's (annual percentage rates) the precise way to aide you in comparing interest rates?

APR is the most widely used and most misunderstood number in the loan industry. It has also become an ineffective way to decide which lender has the lowest mortgage rates and fees. Yet almost every loan provider will calculate it differently and every borrower will use it incorrectly. I’ll show you how to use it correctly and to your advantage.

You will learn a NEW way to shop for a mortgage loan, the exact questions to ask, as well as the exact demands to make!

At the risk of sounding absolutely foolish- Shopping for a home loan on the basis of interest rate and fees could cause nightmarish consequences. Most people just call a few lenders and get a rate and term quote... but if you do that you might as well throw yourself to a pack of hungry wolves.

Learn how to use written agreements confirmed by lender confirmation letters to hog-tie your originator so you pay no additional unearned fees.

The written agreements provided lock your originator down. You know what to expect, they know what to expect. No shenanigans, no surprises!

Learn how lenders use the "bait and switch" and the “lock stuff.”

I will show you how lenders use these techniques as well as many other tricks to “pad” your loan for additional profit.

Learn how and when to lock your rate.

Here’s a clue…never lock when your originator says to!

Learn how to effectively shop settlement costs and compare one lender's offer against another's.

Lenders don't want you to be able to compare like offers with other lenders, so they name and bundle their fees differently. In effect, they intentionally make it difficult to compare apples to apples. I'll show you how to compare offers between lenders so you can easily choose the best deal!

Discover the appropriate stage of the loan purchase you should fill out an application.

This is extremely important! Each and every borrower does it completely wrong thereby giving the originator all the leverage in the transaction.

In addition to all this, you're guided step by step through the entire loan process with the exact dialog as well as the appropriate paperwork you need to use to get the best deal on your next mortgage. Your manual is stuffed with examples and tables to help understand this essential information. It also provides you with the known pitfalls you may encounter along the way to the closing of your loan. Throughout the whole process you will be confident and know with absolute certainty that you've obtained the best rate and the lowest costs.

You need to know this information before shop for a home loan. Without it, you will be at an enormous disadvantage that's WILL cost you a lot money!

But Don’t Take My Word For It!
Here’s What Others Have Said About Mortgage Wizdom…


“After receiving your course I found out what a sitting pigeon I would have been had I not learned the information from your course! I really don’t trust anyone calling me out of the blue trying to sell me something. After you mentioned the word free, I said sure and thought I have nothing to lose. I have enclosed your check as agreed since I found great value in your advice. I won’t be so skeptical next time someone offers help."

- J. Mohn, Greensboro, NC


I was in the process of dealing with a flat fee lender out here in CA. Until you contacted me. I won’t mention their name but they go by the slogan of “Home of the $699 Flat Fee Mortgage.” After reading you course I posed this question to them through e mail-

Hello, Just had a few questions about your fees. Since all you ask for is $699, I would assume you are making money on -------? If not, would you be willing to show --- ------------ ---- ----and guarantee any ----------- in the form -- ---or any other ------- from the --------- go to the ------------- at closing?

Here is his response- “Call me and I can explain however we are a -------------- and don't ---------- our --------- thus there is --- -------- we get a -------- when the loan is sold to one of our investors so a ------------ ------ ------- which is what a --------- --------- would use to price the loan wouldn't be applicable to us since the loan --------- -- ---- ------. Sounds like you have a good working knowledge of our business!! Let me know if you would like some help.”

Right then I knew I would pay more for my loan if I went through them. You saved me thousands. Oh by the way, I posed a similar question to “F”-loan and they never responded. Guess they knew they would be wasting their time with me."

- F. Martinez, San Jose, CA


“After obtaining at least 7 mortgages, I considered myself fairly knowledgeable with getting a loan, especially the steps to take in shopping for the lowest rate. However, after reading your manual I quickly realized that I had been a victim of overcharges in every prior loan. The information I have learned in this publication has helped me to save thousands on my current refinance and will save me even more on future loans for my family and I.”

- M. Jean, Laurel, MD


Mortgage Wizdom Will Save You
100 Times Your Investment, Minimum!

Think about this a moment…

You can expect to lose anywhere between $5,000 to $50,000 if you don’t know the answers to all of the 6 questions asked in my free report you can get by clicking here. So even on a low end, you could easily throw away $5,000! And that’s a lot of money, isn’t it?

Even worse, what if you got “robbed” of $50,000? It happens. That would mean that over a 30 year period, you would be paying over $1,600 each year -- all money you should have never been charged in the first place.

Imagine the vacation you could take with an extra $1,600! That’s a lot of money to be throwing away. And over the course of your mortgage, paying out $50,000 could make a huge difference in your retirement or savings plan.

Look at it more like this...

Besides the rate, most borrowers give less thought to the financing of their home than the actual home itself. If you make a simple mistake and pay too much on your home you will learn a valuable lesson. Make a mistake on the financing and you’ll have made an enormous blunder that you will end up paying for every month for the next 30 years!

With this program you will have assurance as well as peace of mind that your loan transaction will be easy and will happen without you having to shop interest rates. You will pay a fair price and not a nickel more than needed or initially agreed upon.

The nominal investment, effort and time you put in Mortgage Wizdom will bring you a return of at least 100 times your investment by the closing of your next home loan -100% guaranteed!

"If a man empties his purse into his head, no man can take it away from him. An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest."

-Benjamin Franklin

So, How Much?

Mortgage Wizdom is not going to COST you money. It’s going to SAVE you money!

So how much would it be worth to you to save the time, aggravation, anxiety, deception and most importantly save a boatload of money?

Well, I don't know about you, but I would easily pay $400 once to save $500 to $1,500 over the course of this year…next year…every year….forever! It’s just a good investment to make. And that’s not taking into account the big picture where you can save $20,000 or more from your one small investment. Plus you would have the pride of knowing that you weren’t taken advantage of.

But I want to make this program as affordable as possible for anyone that needs it. And if you are getting a mortgage, you can’t afford to be without this information.

Normal price for Mortgage Wizdom is $97 and worth every cent when you consider how much money, pain, shopping, and suffering it will save you. But I’m not going to charge you the regular price when you order today.

Instead, place your order today and I’ll knock an instant $30 off the already low price. That means you pay just $67 for everything you must have before you go after your next home loan if you want to save yourself big money.

Act Immediately And Receive These Fantastic Bonuses!

So that you are absolutely sure and confident about the value of your purchase you will receive the following incredible bonus reports. These bonuses alone will save you thousands of dollars.

FREE BONUS #1: PMI Buster - This information will show you how to cancel your private mortgage insurance. This often-unnecessary yet costly insurance costs homeowners between $500- $1500 per year on a conventional loan. I will show you how to cancel it as fast and as effortless as possible.

FREE BONUS #2: 39 Mortgage Calculators - Let’s face it, there are basic calculators everywhere on the net that are a dime a dozen. However, these calculators are unique for Interactive Multiple Loan Comparisons because they take into consideration additional needed factors (traditional calculators don’t consider) to gauge true loan benefit analysis.

FREE BONUS #3: Free Loan Toolbox Software - This software has some truly unique features. Not only will it tell you what your P&I payment will be, it will also estimate your homeowner's insurance and property taxes and give you the " TOTAL PAYMENT ". It will also calculate the closing costs for your state.

These are not just generic figures that try to fit all 50 states, this calculator will give the cost that is specific for your state. It even works with FHA and VA loans! You can also print out a Good Faith Estimate using different scenarios so you can compare your options. This software will even prequalify you for a mortgage without having a credit check! No other program can perform these functions! You will have to talk to a pushy sales rep before they will even give you the information you need.


You’re Guaranteed To Be Thrilled With My Product Or I’ll Buy It Back From You!

I personally guarantee your satisfaction with Mortgage Wizdom. Whether you are a first or 10th time borrower, rest assured the information, benefits and savings will be a tremendous value that you could not otherwise obtain without my program. If I can't make this happen for you, I don’t deserve your money and will cheerfully refund every penny of the purchase price back to you.

Mortgage Wizdom is probably the most valuable information available in terms of its cost compared to the amount of money it will save you. But don’t take my word on it, get Mortgage Wizdom today and then you decide. If the program doesn't do everything I say and more...

  • if it doesn’t teach you exactly what to do to keep from getting cheated out of paying unnecessary and unearned fees…

  • if it doesn’t show you how to find a motivated lender instead of a “loan shark” or a “sunshine blower”

  • if it doesn't transform you into a confident and fierce mortgage shopper

... then again, I don't deserve your money!

I will return your entire purchase price back to you.
There is absolutely no risk for you!

Let's Recap, Here’s Exactly
What You Get With Mortgage Wizdom…

In summary, Mortgage Wizdom is more accurately a 3 part "system":

  1. An education of the mortgage industry and how lenders make their money
  2. A step-by-step tutorial on choosing the appropriate loan provider, what to ask, what to say to them, and how to say it.
  3. A methodology to shop, negotiate, apply, lock, and close your loan to guarantee you get the lowest interest rate as well as the best deal.

You’ll save thousands of dollars with lower monthly mortgage payments. But just as important:

  • YOU will save time and aggravation in choosing from a bunch of loan providers.
  • YOU will gain confidence through knowledge of the loan process instead of receiving typical guidance that has you paying more money.
  • YOU will never be intimidated by mortgage banking professional.
  • YOU will be in the position of power, NOT your loan provider!
  • YOU will provide your business to a loan provider who truly values your business.
  • YOU will never be OVERCHARGED!!

This Program Is A MUST If
You’re Shopping For A Mortgage Loan!

Let’s face it, if you have read this far you are intrigued. You want to know more about the program and you’re wondering can it really do all that is said here? Some of these statements may sound a bit bold or possibly outrageous. But it’s all very true and really quite simple once you understand how the mortgage industry actually operates. Educate yourself and get Mortgage Wizdom NOW!

Here's How To Order Mortgage Wizdom!

Once your payment is processed you will be taken to a page for instant download access to the information. You'll instantly receive your ebook in Adobe PDF format.

In as little as 2 minutes you will be benefiting from this unique mortgage shopping and negotiation program that WILL save you thousands in fees, points, and mortgage interest!


I truly want you to benefit from this information!

P.S.  If you are shopping for a mortgage - will you have peace of mind and know without a doubt that things will go smoothly, without a hiccup, the way YOU structured it to go?  Do you want to gamble with your financial future or do you want a guaranteed win situation?  Get this program, educate yourself and use it to get the leverage you need to get the lowest rate and best deal possible in the current market!

P.P.S.  I cannot guarantee how long I will hold the discounted $67 price or the “100 Times Your Investment” money back guarantee.  This course has just been introduced and the terms WILL change soon ... so act now!

Have You Decided To Take A Detour By Leaving This Website Instead Of Helping Yourself With Mortgage Wizdom? If SO, CLICK HERE For A Very Important Message!



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