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It seems to me if you've come this far and you haven't ordered Mortgage Wizdom yet, then perhaps you STILL don't believe the benefits outweigh the initial  investment.

As said earlier, I cannot stress the importance of how this information will help you SAVE YOU A BOATLOAD OF CASH! 

In fact, I’m are so convinced you will be overcharged by lenders and so certain in the ability of Mortgage Wizdom to save you thousands that I’m willing to make you a special offer if you've decided not to help yourself today.

Here's my special offer – Go out and get your mortgage the same tired way that every other borrower does. Then, after you receive your Good Faith Estimate (GFE) submit it to me for review. I will look it over and then tell you how much I can save you and then negotiate with your lender to reduce the fees and interest rate PERMANENTLY! 

Once I determine your savings, you will then pay me 50% of the difference. Of course, my fee (hundreds, if not thousands of dollars) will be much more than simply obtaining the manual right now – but hey, most people are either procrastinators or just plain skeptical and I completely understand.

Now you may be thinking that your GFE is only an estimate and that you can knock the costs down initially, but what's to keep the lender from raising them later? After all, it is just an estimate, right?  Did you notice the word in red above? That's the beauty of Mortgage Wizdom. Once you get Mortgage Wizdom, you, too, can learn all the secrets on how to LIMIT all of your mortgage costs PERMANENTLY!

I have already eliminated the financial risk with a money-back guarantee. My goal in providing this alternative special offer is to give every option available for a borrower to not only save money, but to also eliminate the time, effort and hassle risk in getting Mortgage Wizdom.

So, just as a borrower needs to figure out how they want to pay their lender in terms of fees, points, and interest rate, YOU will have to decide if:

  • You want to save yourself money up-front by getting Mortgage Wizdom today;
  • Pay me more money later after you submit your GFE;
  • Or pay much much more to your lender by shopping for a loan like everyone else.

Now tell me… what’s holding you back from getting Mortgage Wizdom now? Stop thinking about it. Stop the delay and make the decision to get yourself the easiest, cheapest home loan possible with help from Mortgage Wizdom NOW!


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